Social Leverage is organic social media marketing made easy. Guaranteed.*

Stop spinning your wheels.

If you’re busy, short on capital, or don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to keep dumping into a side hustle that isn’t gaining any traction, don’t abandon your passion just yet.

There’s a market for your offer - you just haven’t gotten it in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message...yet. Don’t get discouraged!

Social Leverage is a selective membership/mentorship hybrid program that combines the convenience of self-paced training with the accountability and support of live group and 1:1 organic social strategy coaching.

No Social Leverage member gets left behind - so if you’re concerned you may not be successful at working this program, rest assured that help is a Zoom call away - in some cases, we’ll even take over your screen and fix marketing and technical issues for you on the spot. We have your back.

What does a membership to Social Leverage look like, exactly?

A membership to Social Leverage gives you:

Lifetime Access To The Social Leverage Self-Study Portal

Over 100 Of The Most Up-To-Date Training To Effectively Grow And Monetize Your Social Media Accounts

The Social Leverage Quick Reference Cheatsheet

To Decode The Messages Your Analytics Are Trying To Tell You About The Health Of Your Social Accounts

Unlimited Admittance to 30-Minute Hot Seat and 30-Minute Masterclass Interviews w/ Guest Experts

Guest Experts answer your most pressing business questions and give strategic, ready-to-implement advice.

You get the point. It’s better on the inside.

Meet Your Coach

Eddie James Smith III is an esteemed business coach, consultant, and thought leader dedicated to building a legacy through self-mastery and leadership. A Chicago transplant from Spokane, Eddie brings a lifetime of street smarts, hard truths, and proven strategies founded on cognitive patterns, human behavior, and cold, hard data to his instruction and every move he makes.

Eddie is a firm believer that there are no shortcuts to success - it’s only when you put in the hard work and maintain integrity, respect, value and focus that you earn what you deserve. There is no room at the top for people who leverage their past as an excuse, and he has no sympathy for them. If you want to transcend your current circumstance, you have to start by rewriting the narrative you’ve made your reality by reinventing your mindset, your perspective, and your identity.

The founder of Social Leverage, a no-bullshit, value-packed online organic marketing, and business coaching environment, and Co-Founder of List Converter Pro, Eddie prides himself in over-delivering everywhere he directs his focus, bringing both paid and organic marketing strategy, content fulfillment, and web design to businesses nationwide.

Why Social Leverage?

Other memberships tell you to build assets, some even tell you how - but they don’t help you to self-assess your investment and it’s rare that progress is assessed after the invoice is settled.

Have you ever found yourself feeling lost and wondering if you’re really benefiting from your purchase?

Social Leverage is a membership program designed to help you crack the funnels, content, and conversion nightmares other courses helped you to create.

You’ll learn the strategies, how to implement them, and how to see if you’re getting the success Social Leverage promises - we dig transparency.

Do-it-yourself or train your in-house VA or social media manager to grow, manage, and monetize your entire customer journey from Facebook and Instagram pages and groups to backend systems designed to convert.

The Takeaway: If you’re committed and consistent (something required of ANY organic marketing strategy), you WILL:

  1. Grow your audience organically.

  1. Get motivated clients.

Make money monetizing your account.

The proof is in the pudding - but don’t take our word for it!


What is the cost of membership in Social Leverage?

Was $997 only $497 One Time Only Offer!

What is the time commitment required to be successful as a member of Social Leverage?

Social Leverage’s trainings and implementation steps should not take more than a couple of hours per week to implement if you are doing EVERYTHING on your own. If they do, book a call with us so we can help you find efficiencies you might not have been taking advantage of.

How long do I have to work through the trainings?

Once you purchase a Social Leverage membership you will have access to the trainings for the lifetime of the program’s existence. We recommend that you dig in and roll up your sleeves from the get go to make the most of your experience while you have calls as an available resource to you, but members can work the program whenever they would like, at whatever pace is manageable for them.

If I get stuck, can you help me?

Every member of social leverage has access to 12 1:1 mentorship calls, as well as monthly live group trainings for 1 full year to ensure members feel educated, prepared, and supported. In addition, members are encouraged to network with and support other members inside the private Social Leverage Facebook group.

Is Social Leverage For You? Find out!

  1. Do you understand the value of social media marketing, but consistently struggle to gain and maintain steady, consistent growth?

  1. Do you find yourself feeling confused, defeated, unmotivated, and eventually, inconsistent in implementing your organic social media strategy?
  1. Are you looking to transform your passion project into a lucrative side-hustle
  1. Are you still working the daily grind, finding yourself feeling limited on time, budget, and know-how?
  1. Are you an agency owner looking to add a new service offering to your line card but need mentorship to do so confidently?
  1. Are you seeking a cost-effective way to effectively add organic social strategy to compliment your paid advertising efforts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Social Leverage is for YOU.

Still on the fence?

We want you to be just as confident as we are that you’re going to crush it at this social media marketing thing - so let’s sweeten the deal.

When you become a member of Social Leverage, we’ll send you our guesswork-free organic content marketing toolkit and throw in 12 book-em-at-your-convenience 1:1 support calls.

  1. FREE BONUS Organic Content Marketing Toolkit

  1. FREE BONUS: 12 Flexible Support Calls - Book 1:1 Support Calls As You Need Them!

Don’t choose between training materials or mentorship. Social Leverage gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to invest in your business growth at a fraction of the cost.

Was $997 Now Only $497

One Time Only Offer

What you get signing up for Social Leverage:

  • Lifetime Access To The Social Leverage Self-Study Portal ($497 value)
  • The Social Leverage Quick Reference Cheatsheet ($97 value)
  • 4 Mindset Calls ($997 value)
  • Unlimited Admittance to LIVE Hot Seat Interviews ($497/mo value)
  • Monthly Live Group Trainings ($197/mo value)
  • FREE BONUS Organic Content Marketing Toolkit ($47 value)
  • FREE BONUS: 12 Flexible Support Calls - Book 1:1 Support Calls As You Need Them! ($12,000 value)

Total Value of: $14,332

You Pay: $497